Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Floral Waxes

Always wanted to use real jasmine but thought it was way too expensive? Try the floral wax!

For years this fragrant by-product of the absolute making process was mostly discarded!

Then, not long ago, floral waxes became more widely discovered to be a wonderful resource for fragrancing. Scent wise 1 oz of the floral wax is equivalent to 1/2 oz of the corresponding absolute at an INCREDIBLE saving!

For example - currently 1/2 oz of Tuberose Absolute costs about $170 retail. Meanwhile, 1 oz of tuberose floral wax is currently on sale at my site for $10.

That certainly makes creating a fine soap, candle, cream or solid perfume scented with the lovely natural fragrance of tuberose much more affordable!

Currently we have available and ON SALE - Clary Sage Floral Wax, Helichrysum Everlasting Floral Wax, Jasmine Grandiflorum Floral Wax, Jasmine Sambac Floral Wax, Lavender Floral Wax, Tuberose Floral Wax, Violet Leaf Floral Wax & Wild Chamomile Floral Wax.

Rose Floral Wax, Frangipani Floral Wax & Pink Lotus Blossom Floral Wax all will be coming back into stock this Autumn.

With such precious, natural, exotic aromatics at prices like these why wait any longer to indulge? Click here to experience and enjoy these affordable olfactory delights now! http://alittleolfactory.com/waxes.htm

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

20th Century Plastic Attitudes - Can we fix it? Yes we can!

I've contacted several of the bottles suppliers many of us smaller toiletry business owners know about, to request they get in this new line of high end, gorgeous 100% Post Consumer Recycled heavy walled PET Plastic bottles, that are FDA approved and are easily as stunning as Virgin PET packaging (no sacrifice in quality here).

Well, I'm sorry to report that so far the ones I've gotten responses from are ho'ing and humming and dragging their feet and either won't do it or say there is no demand for it! This outdated mentality is far too widely accepted.

I find it hard to believe that I am the only business owner/consumer out there that wants more eco-friendly packaging options available, but isn't into aluminum and can't use glass (glass + shower/bathing areas = safety hazard ;)!

Did you realize that only 5% of ALL PET plastic is actually recycled in this country? Did you also realize that currently almost every plastic bottle you use, whether it is as a manufacturer, or as consumer, comes from new (virgin) plastic? This Plastic Attitude is so 20th century!

I will borrow a phrase from the show Bob the Builder (loved by my 4 yr old) - Can we fix it? Yes we can!

It is up to us, and our responsibility, as the business owners and as the consumers of goods supplied to us by other business owners, to start doing the right thing and demand the same from our suppliers.

It is negligent of businesses to not step up and make the positive and necessary changes that would make HUGE differences in the waste put out by our industries. ESPECIALLY if we claim ourselves (as consumers or businesses) to be "green" and "natural" and 'concerned for the environment", etc ...

If you're reading this and you truly care about making a difference when it comes to things like the waste level in this world, write to your bottle suppliers and tell them you want to have access to recycled plastic bottles. Tell your shampoo and lotion makers (little or large) to use recycled plastic bottles, etc ...

Let them know the demand is not only here for more eco-friendly packaging made from recycled plastic, but that it is huge AND it is the wave of the future, here today !!!

Read more about these great bottles (4th paragraph) :

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rose Petal Jam

When I first introduced my husband to rose petal jam while we were dating, he was quite skeptical about trying it. Now he can't live without a jar of it in the house at all times. My sons are just as adoring of it. It has become a staple on our breakfast table, just as it is in the Mediterranean region.

It tastes and smells like Rose Otto, as it is made from petals gathered in the same fields of damascena roses that give us that lovely and precious essential oil of rose and the perfumery oil called Rose Absolute.

Served spread on pancakes, toast, waffles or muffins, rose petal jam is absolutely delicious! It can also be used in making syrup, cookies, cakes, pastries, bakery goods, candies and even savory marinades and sauces. You are limited only by your own epicurean imagination.

We carry varieties from both Turkey and Bulgaria, just like our rose oils and rose hydrosols. They are each an equally luscious treat.

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My Sweet Alba Rose

During my visit to Isparta, Turkey several years ago, while touring the damascena rose fields in full bloom, I had the intoxicating opportunity to experience a generous splash of rose hydrosol on my face , warm and fresh from the stills. I was immediately hooked and am always on a quest for the finest that is available each year.

Several weeks ago we brought in an absolutely lovely Alba Rose Hydrosol from Bulgaria. I am really excited to have this most precious and rare NOP certified organic rosy treat.

Alba Roses are hybrids whose antiquity may go back further than the Roman Empire. They are believed to have originated as a cross between the thornless single white R. canina and R. damascena. Pliny the Elder, who lived from 23-79 A.D., mentioned white roses in his writing, entitled Natural History. Many botanists believe these roses may have been Albas.

This exotic treat of is produced by one of the most respected family owned distilleries in Bulgaria, whose rose oils have been featured in famous Fifi award winning perfumes.

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