Friday, December 17, 2010


I made several batches of gourmet soap this week including such favorites as Pumpkin Chai Spice, Candied Citrus Peel and Mocha Java - yummy!

After all years of being a professional in the art of saponification I still find soap making so fascinating!

To put it in the terms of my inner child wonder - "its like special cooking" lol. I mix all these oils and fruits, botanicals and spices, then add a bit of basic chemistry and I end up with soap bubbles that wash me clean!

Incidentally chemistry was one of my favorite school subjects .. FINALLY, one of those mandatory high school courses has come into practical use! {grinz}

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Orsa Pink Salt - On Special

As afore mentioned, I am putting the homestead up for sale and need to clear some things out, so I'm offering DEEP DISCOUNTS ON SELECT ITEMS.

We began with Virgin Coconut Oil and Alba Rose Hydrosol. Now we present to you - "Sweet" Orsa Pink Salts

Sweet Orsa "Real" Pink Salt is food grade mineral rock salt from Redmond, Utah; free from additives, preservatives, chemicals, heating, refining, and extensive processing. I love to use this beautiful salt for cooking and in baths.

Available in your choice of:
Ultra Fine Grind or Coarse Grind

Below is a summary of analysis of the mineral content taken over the past several years:
Sodium Avg.
Chloride 98.32%
Calcium .40%
Potassium .12%
Sulfur .11%
Magnesium .10%
Iron .06%
Phosphorus .05%
Iodine .002%
Manganese .0015%
Copper .001%
Zinc .0006%

I have recruited 2 willing helpers to assist me with processing orders, thus ensuring expedited shipping!

Click here to order!

Scented Pinecones

With most of the United States experiencing a cold snap (even southern Florida!), and the holidays coming fast, I figured I'd pull out my easy old scented pine cones recipe. This is a simple and fun way to scent the air and the hearth! Great to do with kids too.

Pine cones
Essential oil blend of choice;
I like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, black pepper & ginger ..

Optional: basic white glue, cinnamon powder, fine glitter

Have fun gathering pine cones of all shapes and sizes. Rinse pine cones under warm water. Then lay the pine cones on a lined cookie sheet and bake on the warm setting (or 200F) until the pine cones open up.

Into a small sprayer bottle place some water and several drops of your chosen essential oil scent blend. Spray the pine cones until they are damp. Then place the scented pine cones into a paper bag and seal for 24 hours. This will let the scent seep into the cones while letting the water evaporate.

Optional: In a small bowl mix a ratio of about 3 parts glue to 1 part water. Use a brush to apply some thinned glue to the pine cones. Mix cinnamon powder and glitter in a baggie. Add pine cones to the shimmery mix. Shake. Allow to dry overnight in a paper baggie.

These make wonderful holiday decorations in baskets, as part of wreaths, etc. They can also be tossed into the fireplace to add a scented highlight to your fire!

Monday, December 6, 2010



I am selling the TX homestead and moving over a thousand miles away towards the Rocky Mountains!

Quite honestly the less I have to lug that far the better - which means that I need to begin clearing out some inventory NOW!! Starting today I am offering a series of DEEP DISCOUNTS ON SELECT ITEMS. Serious quality at serious savings! I figure that by taking this inventory off my hands you are helping me big time, so I'm going to make it well worth it to you! :)

We will begin with OUR LOWEST PRICES on 2 especially lovely and heavy items:


Certified Organic Bulgarian Alba Rose Hydrosol

Truly, when it comes to a scent of the heart and drops of pure romance it doesn't get more precious and few that two can share than this. I LOVE genuine, pure rose hydrosol, and this one just takes the cake (BTW it makes a great cake too!). If I could hoard every drop I would, but I must share - love is in the water! {grinz}


Tahitian Fair Trade Virgin Coconut Oil

Whomever put the lime in the coconut must have had a nice bit of virgin coconut oil for the infusion! This traditionally pressed Fair Trade oil is delightfully healthy for the whole body, inside and out.

The scent and flavor are outstanding for use in gourmet cooking and crafting. It is also a fabulous ingredient used in artisan luxury soaps.

I have recruited 2 willing helpers to assist me with processing orders, thus ensuring expedited shipping!

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