Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aloe Vera - Flora From Eden

Last night I was reminded of two things;
one - hot glue is called hot for a good reason &
two - Aloe Vera is indispensable to have in every home. Obviously they were related thoughts!

I burnt my thumb with hot glue. After cooling it under cold water I broke off a piece of my Aloe Vera plant, sliced it legthwise, wrapped it around the already forming blister and lightly secured the leaf to my finger. I changed the dressing before bed, making a poultice of fresh Aloe Vera Gel, German Chamomile essential oil and High Altitude Lavender Essential oil. Today I do still have a blister, but it doesn't hurt one little bit even.

Ancient Lore says that the Aloe Vera plant grew in the Garden of Eden. I don't doubt it one bit!


Diana said...

I agree !
Aloe is such an important plant to have around.
I keep a dozen or so in my house for little boo-boos and to use in some of my soaps.
I gave one to my daughter for her new home and one for the snack bar where she works too.

It is good stuff !

Organically Yours,

rajaswari said...

very true.. evn i think tht thr should be more of the aloe vera plants around. aloe vera in general has a lot of benefits. its useful in many problems in many ways.

Aloe Vera

Shana Bender said...

Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information with us. Your blog is very interesting and informative.Aloe Vera has been wonderful for my skin for a long time

christmasgirl said...

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